Mpumalanga is not only the place of the rising sun. It is also the place of waterfalls. Just a half hours drive from Greenway Woods and our comfortable accommodation in White River is a unique waterfall that has become quite iconic in the area.

Heading out of White River, take the Sabie Waterfall Route and head for Mac Mac Falls. Mac Mac Falls is situated about 13 km from Sabie when you travelling to Graskop.

A little known fact about our province is that there are more waterfalls around Sabie than anywhere else in South Africa. Plunging about 70 meters into a gorge, Mac Mac Falls is a twin waterfall which is regarded as one of the most stunning in the area. En route, there are picturesque views of some of the most amazing cliffs and valleys, which add to the province’s reputation for being a place of exquisite natural wonders.

Mac Mac is a historical site and is today a national monument. This was the site of one of the country’s earliest gold rushes. Between 1840 and 1870, gold miners found small amounts of gold to the north of Mac Mac Falls. In 1873 gold was discovered in payable quantities on the farm “Geelhoutboom”, and within the year 1500 diggers flooded to the area, making over 4000 claims. Back then the area was officially named New Caledonian Gold Fields but quickly earned the name Mac Mac because of the many Scottish miners that mined the area.

Originally there was only one stream at the waterfall, but in their eagerness to get to the gold, miners blasted that stream to get to the gold-bearing reef over which the stream falls. Today, during the dry season, the stream does revert to one stream, so the best time to view these falls is definitely during the summer months when Mac Mac Falls cascade down in two streams.

There is a viewing platform from which guests can safely view these spectacular falls and take that perfect picture. The surrounds are also lush and green in the rainy season so pack a picnic basket and make a day of it. There is a picnic and braai area available for day visitors as well as a series of pools for the hot and weary traveller to take a swim. While at Mac Mac Falls, take a stroll along the “Secretary Bird Trail”. This is an easy 3 km trail that will take you through the bush to the sound of calls from the robins, thrush, cuckoo and greenbul girds. The secretary bird can also be seen on the trail.

mac mac falls

At the entrance, you can browse the numerous curios for sale before heading up the cement path to the viewpoint.