White River is a unique little town that has its quirks. Located a short drive from Nelspruit, White River lies in a prime location, near many amazing tourist attractions and towns to ensure there is always something to do while in the area. One of the best accommodation options in White River is the iconic Greenway Woods Resort, located just outside White River past Casterbridge.

Greenway Woods is located on a beautiful stretch of land with stunning scenery surrounding it. Guests are welcomed by friendly staff and truly beautiful interiors when entering the resort.

With the holiday season crawling ever closer, Greenway Woods is offering great specials for accommodation and conferences. These great specials allow visitors to enjoy truly unique and luxury accommodation while planning an amazing adventure to a variety of great tourist attractions in and around Greenway Woods.

Just a short drive from Greenway Woods Resort lies the world famous Kruger National Park, one of the largest animal conservancies in South Africa. The Kruger National park is home to a large variety of animal, bird, plant and reptile species spread out over a very large range. The closeness to the Kruger National Park offers Day visitors a great option as they can spend a whole day exploring the Kruger and then come home to an amazing meal and truly luxury accommodation.

This amazing special is not just for locals as anyone can take advantage of this special local or not. White River is a very popular town to visit  for both tourists and locals because of its historic and cultural prominence as well as the abundance of amazing locations to visit in the surrounding areas. For visitors with the intention to explore all that there is to experience, staying at Greenway Woods is a great idea as the quiet and peacefulness of the Resort provides a perfect place to unwind after a long day.

accommodation white river south africa

Located just across from Greenway Woods lies Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre, one of the go to locations when visiting White River. There are numerous shops that offer a variety of amazing and unique products and services, from museums, coffee shops, cinemas and lifestyle shops, to chocolate shops, great restaurants and more. Once a month Casterbridge holds a market that allows many local and small businesses to gain some exposure, creating a real sense of community.

For those on an exciting voyage through the Stunning Lowveld, Greenway Woods Resort offers a truly relaxing and luxurious accommodation and can act as the perfect rest stop to refresh  before the rest of the adventure. Those staying at Greenway Woods can also dine at one of the most unique restaurants in the Lowveld, ATOWA, that focusses on truly African inspired dishes and provides a true wild and traditional African feel and is a must visit when travelling the Lowveld.