When visiting the Kruger National Park you will notice that there are lot of rest camps to stay at and you may wonder which ones are worth staying at or are worth visiting. Luckily we have the list you need. Here are the top 5 Rest Camps in the Kruger National Park:


Satara is found right in the middle of lion territory. Visitors will see a huge increase in Lion and leopard sightings in the area which is perfect for those who love to experience the cats of the Kruger National Park. The Camp itself has a very rustic style to it and is not as busy as Skukuza. There are plenty of restaurants in the camp as well as a shop to buy necessities. There are plenty of different accommodation options from camping and caravanning to guest lodges and bungalows.


Tamboti is a rather small Rest Camp but is a very popular camp that is located on the banks of the Timbavati River and is surrounded by beautiful and lush bush that gives a real isolated feel. The location on the banks of the river means you can see a large variety of animals that come to the river to cool down and drink some water throughout the day. There are no shops in this Camp and is strictly a tent camp. Luckily Orpen is 2km away for your shopping needs.


Olifants is considered to be one of the best rest camps in the Kruger National Park. Olifants is in the perfect location to do some wildlife viewing. The camp has plenty of lookout points that are high up and that allow you easily spot animals. The camp has a restaurant, a shop and a cafeteria and allows day visitors. Accommodation here is some of the best in the Kruger Park, with bungalows and guest lodges that allow for the utmost comfort.



Skukuza is the main Rest camp of the Kruger National Park and also acts as the base of operations for all that goes on in the park. Skukuza is not only the best and biggest camp in the Park, but it also has some amazing wildlife viewing opportunities in the area. The Camp is surrounded by beautiful trees and bush and is a must visit for tourists, with a library, cinema, restaurant, shops and cafeterias to keep guests busy. Accommodation in Skukuza includes camping, caravanning air-conditioned bungalows and guest lodges.


Bateleur is one the Kruger National Park’s oldest Rest Camps and also one of the smallest available. Not a popular stop for day visitors as there is no general shop or restaurant available. The landscape around the camp allows for plenty of animal sightings and is worth visiting for the animals. For overnight guests there is a supplies shop for the basics. Accommodation at Bateleur is a bit more limited as there are only air-conditioned bungalows with en-suite bathrooms and electricity. The style is evident in the age of the camp, being very rustic in style.