Now that the world is opening up for travellers again, many are booking trips abroad and getting ready to stretch their legs in some new far flung places. If it has been a while since you were last on the road, or if you are not a seasoned traveller, it is easy to make one or two mistakes, either with your planning or during your trip.

And such mistakes can either end up ruining your trip or delaying your fun. Some mistakes could even end up putting your entire holiday on hold. Since you are probably itching to go exploring again, you will want to make sure that you keep the mistakes to a minimum so that it won’t be another thing to stress about.

At Greenway Woods, we welcome travellers from all over the world, especially those who are heading our way to take a trip into the nearby Kruger National Park. Our comfortable White River accommodation is the perfect place to stay and to help you make the most of your travel planning, we are going to help you navigate the more common travel mistakes.

accommodation near white river
  1. Packing too much

Travelling to a new place means not always knowing exactly what to expect. Will you need a fancy outfit, will you get too hot, will you get too cold? All of these kinds of concerns can end up with you packing far too many items of clothing, and then having to pay extra baggage fees while also having to lag it around with you wherever you go. So instead of over packing, just take along what you will actually be needing.

  1. Not allowing for enough time between flights

Flights are often unpredictable things. Arriving late, being delayed for whatever reason or getting  lost in the new and strange airport as you rush to your next flight are all quite common. Instead of missing your connecting flight because you booked your flights too closely, you should leave a gap so that you can be on time no matter what unexpectedly happens.

  1. Not letting your bank know you are travelling

Money leaving your account and being used in a foreign country is a big red flag for your bank and it could end with your account being frozen. As you can imagine, this would be a nightmare while you are travelling. To avoid this, you can and should let your bank know that you are going on holiday.

  1. Forgetting to check your travel requirements

These days, there are all sorts of things to remember when you are planning a trip. Not only should you check and double check your visa requirements and your various bookings, but you should also find out more about the COVID requirements and regulations.

  1. Trying to plan too much

There is always the temptation to pack your holiday to the brim with things to do. But if you take things too far, you can end up forgetting to just take some time to put your feet up. Too many activities or planning to see too many things can also end up meaning that you don’t take the  time to appreciate what you are seeing.