February is the month of love and whether you are planning a romantic valentine’s weekend away, or if you are just thinking about sometime planning a weekend break with your loved one, it always helps to have a few tips, tricks and advice for making your trip a really memorable one.

Weekends away are truly special times. When life is one big rush and you are starting to feel a little bit disoriented and disconnected from your partner, escaping for the weekend and just spending some time with one another, away from the distractions from life, could be just what you need in order to reset.

February is a great time to get away. Not only has the school holidays come to an end, but the summer heat is also starting to go over, which brings cooler nights which are a welcome relief from the heat. February is also great because it allows you to have a mini-break before the mad rush of the year really starts to set in.

If you are planning a trip this month, Greenway Woods is a fantastic place to stay in White River. With its emerald green lawns, comfortable rooms, and spacious outdoors, a stay with us is not only sure to be a wonderful place to relax, but it is also close to all sorts of interesting attractions, like the Kruger National Park.

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Tips for planning your weekend

  1. Choose a good location

Everyone has their own idea for what makes a fantastic weekend away. Some like the idea of heading out into the bush and just getting away from it all, while others lean more towards that city escape. When planning a weekend away, you need to find a middle ground, a place that suits both of your ideals so that you can both enjoy the space, and just relax.

  1. Choose the right kinds of activities

The point of getting away on a romantic weekend is to have some time just for the two of you. If you plan too many activities or if you are only keen on doing things with a big group, you might end up missing out on the bonding experience that doing things together can create. You should also make sure that you only plan activities that you are both interesting in doing.

  1. Treat yourselves a little

We work so hard that we often end up forgetting to actually enjoy ourselves by indulging in those occasional treats, whether it is something you are keen on doing or having a meal in a fancy restaurant.

  1. Forget the fantasy

Many people, when planning a weekend away end up getting completely caught up in the idea of making sure that every moment is romantic, that the pressure they put on themselves completely ruins the mood. A romantic weekend away shouldn’t be so romanticized that you forget that the whole point of getting away is to kick back and just enjoy the experience and one another’s company.