No one can accuse 2021 of being a carefree, travel friendly year. But with the new year here, and things looking up already, for both travellers and the world in general, there are a few travel trends that you should keep a look out for.

Much of the past 2 years, actually it would be safe to say that most of the past 2 years, has been heavily influenced by the global health crisis and the travel bans that followed. So it is safe to say that while things are without a doubt beginning to look a lot brighter than they did a year ago, much of what was put in place in the past years is likely to remain.

But that shouldn’t put a damper on the year ahead.

While the way that you plan your travels will likely look a little different to years gone by, this should not be enough to upset your plans.

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Once in a lifetime trips are going to be huge

If ever there was a reason to celebrate being alive and coming through a really tough economic time, taking that once in a lifetime trip would be the perfect celebration. Every traveller has a bucket list of sorts, or at least a small list of places that they hope to visit.

These sorts of tips are certainly making a huge comeback in 2022, and your destinations of choice don’t have to be extravagant overseas trips in order for them to be meaningful.

Short trips are going to be popular

With almost 2 years of very few chances to get away, in 2022, taking those short weekend breaks to somewhere beautiful are definitely going to be popular.

Workations will become a thing

Many, many South Africans are now working remotely and will more than likely continue to work remotely for many years to come. So there is no reason why you have to only work from home when you could work from a beautiful destination any time you like, and still be able to do a really good job.

In the coming year, one of the big travel trends is likely to be what is called a workation, which is basically working from your vacation spot. Sounds a bit like heaven doesn’t it?

The peaceful, zen trip

If ever there was a year to look for a peaceful holiday, the kind that is without crowds and noise, then a zen holiday could be just what you need. Such a trip is going to be big this year, because even after the annual 2 week break that so many have just had, the tired, drained feeling is still lingering. And that is probably because the last 2 years have been so incredibly exhausting that 2 weeks of the usual kind of holiday have just not been enough.

One of the great ways to experience a trip like this would be to head into the bush for a few days or into the forests, where the sounds of the world die away.

For a real relaxing holiday that will take you into one of the most beautiful places in the world, you should think about choosing the Lowveld and Greenway Woods as your holiday destination.