Hazyview is a hotspot for so many fun and amazing activities that it is very popular for various thrill-seekers. There are so many fun activities that a second list is mandatory. Experience some more amazing and heart-racing activities that you can encounter.

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Misty Mountain Toboggan

Along the slopes of the Misty Mountains lies a long red snake that winds along the landscape. This red Titan is the rails of the Misty mountain Toboggan. This exhilarating experience stretches an impressive 1.7km along the Long Tom Pass and is the longest toboggan in Africa. Blast through the pass and along the tracks at an amazing 45km/h, winding between the trees and up and down hills as you experience the beauty of the passing landscape.

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Graskop Gorge Lift

The Graskop Gorge Lift is a stunning large lift that descends 51m down into the gorge below. The elevator has glass walls, providing stunning views of the gorge as you descend to the forest below. When below, you can explore the elevated walkways between the trees to travel and experience the beauty that the gorge has to offer. This is an amazing family experience for members of any age.

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Big Swing

For the inner thrill seeker, there is an exhilarating and somewhat fear inducing adventure that can be found at the Graskop Gorge. The Big Swing is a heart racing experience where thrill seekers are suited up in a safety harness, walk up to a platform and leap off the edge, experiencing a heart stopping 70m freefall where they reach speeds of up to 140km/h swinging through the gorge. After an exciting swing, the tiring 400 step climb back up to the top commences.

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Sudwala Caves

The Sudwala Caves is the oldest known caves in the world, and is located in our little corner of the Country. Various tours allow visitors to explore the depths of these amazing caves and are perfect for all ages and is very safe. The caves are very well lit, allowing visitors to see the beauty of the caves clearly without having to worry about falling into a hole.

For a dirtier experience, visitors can go on a guided crystal tour that takes them up to 2km into the caves. This is for the more adventurous as visitors will do a lot of climbing, wading through water, crawling through holes and more, but is worth it for the experience to witness the beautiful crystal formations found deep within.

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Induna Adventures

Induna Adventures is a thrill seeker’s hotspot. Located near the banks of the Sabie River in the Sabie River Valley. There are numerous different activities that visitors  can take part in, from Quad Biking and Horse Riding to White Water Rafting, Paintball and Ziplining. Visitors can spend a whole day here experiencing all of the fun activities  at offer and is perfect for families and group outings alike.

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