South Africa is a beautiful country that is extremely culturally diverse. With all of the mixed cultures that can be found in the country, many traditions and cultures intertwine, and new and interesting cultures and traditions are created. Of all these mixed traditions, some totally unique and iconic meals and cultures can only be found in South Africa.

Something amazing that always comes out of a mix in culture, is the amazing foods and recipes. South Africa has developed a large variety of unique food recipes that have developed because of the unique and varied cultural combinations.

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Potjie Kos

Potjie Kos is a very popular method of cooking that is known to many locals to South Africa. Potjie Kos is food that is cooked in a cast iron pot over an open fire. Potjie Kos usually consist of a variety of meat and vegetables, depending on the recipe used. The process of making Potjie Kos is a very sociable activity and allow people to socialize around the potjie while it cooks.

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Bobotie is a delicious dinner time favourite that consists of mince with a delicious curry infused egg topping. Sultanas and raisins are often added to the mixture when being prepared. There is an often sweet taste because of the combination of curry, turmeric, almonds and raisins.

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Chakalaka is a delicious spicy relish that is unique to South Africa. Chakalaka is created from vegetables like Peppers, Onions, Carrots, and Tomatoes. Chakalaka is delicious and pairs perfectly with side dishes like Pap and is a great garnish with boerewors.

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Boerewors is almost seen as the iconic South African meal. Boerewors is ground beef (that must be at least 90% meat to qualify as Boerewors) mixed with a variety of herps and spices, and stuffed into a pig intestine. Boerewors is a truly delicious addition to any South African dish and is a must have at any braai.

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Biltong is the iconic and the most loved South African Snack. Biltong is meat that is spiced, dried and cured and can be made from a variety of different meet. Biltong has some similarities with the American Jerky, though it is not as sweet. The types of meat that is often used include beef, Kudu, Eland, Blesbok and Springbok. There are also some other, somewhat controversial meats like chicken that is also used.

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Bokkoms are an acquired taste that finds its origin in the Western Cape region of South Africa. These small fish are hung up and dried up in the sun and wind after being salted. Bokkoms is often referred to as fish Biltong and are eaten as is or used in soups, pastas and other dishes. In some cases. The fish are sometimes also ground up into powder and used for spices. Bokkoms have not made a very big impact in the rest of the country but is slowly working its way into the foods of other cultures throughout the country.