The lowveld is world renowned for its amazing natural landscapes. The large size of the Blyde River canyon provides plenty of sights to see. The landscape of the Lowveld is so vast and beautiful, and there are so many hiking trails that allow guests to experience the beauty of the lowveld up close.

We have a few recommendations on some amazing hiking trails that hikers can visit to explore the nature, animals, and beauty the Lowveld has to offer.

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Belvedere Day Walk

The Belvedere Day Walk is a beautiful 10km circular hiking trail that leads to the Belvedere Hydroelectric Power Plant. The trail is slightly strenuous but the views of the Blyde River Canyon is definitely worth the walk. The Power Station was built in 1911 and was once the largest power plant of its kind in the southern hemisphere. You need to register for a permit at the head of the Bourke’s Luck Potholes trailhead. There is an entrance fee and a registration fee as well.

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Loerie Trail

Located just outside Sabie lies one of the most popular hiking trails in the area, the Loerie Trail. This amazing trail starts at the Castle Rock municipal caravan park or at the Ceylon Forest entrance. This trail is about 10km long trail that is perfect for beginners and takes hikers along the Sabie River that passes through the stunning pine and eucalyptus plantations. There are some stunning places to see while on this amazing trail, but you need to pay the regular fee before being able to travel this amazing trail.

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Fanie Botha

The Fanie Botha Hiking Trail is one of the longer and exciting hiking trails in Mpumalanga. This multi day hiking trail will take hikers through the stunning Drakensburg Escarpment. Hikers will encounter multiple waterfalls along the trail including the Lone Creek and the Mac Mac Falls among other amazing sights. There are multiple variations of this trail, that are 3 day, 5 day and 7 days long. The shortest trail is 17km long while the longest trail is 59km.

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Graskop Day Trail / Forest Falls Trail

The Graskop Day trail is a lot easier to do but still covers a good distance of about 13km. The trail starts off at the Graskop Hut and ends at Forest Falls, with the added bonus of crossing the Mac Mac bridge along the way. The Forest Falls is a rather wide

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Num-Num Trail

The Num-Num Trail is a very fun and unique multi day hike that takes from 3 to 5 days. This amazing hiking trail will take you through a variety of stunning locations and diverse terrain, from the indigenous forests to amazing sandstone mazes, from stunning waterfalls to ancient grasslands. This trail is not for the faint hearted though as you need to be moderately fit to cover the stunning 36km. For those who are slightly less fit can do slackpacking, where someone else carries your bags between camps.

For the dedicated Hiker, there are so many amazing thinking trails that can be explored. With so many trails, it is a great idea to also stay and enjoy the luxury accommodations at Greenway Woods Resort.