While staying at our White River accommodation, you should make time to visit Tsakani Silk. By taking the R40 to Nelspruit from White River, turn off on the Friedenheim road and you will find this unique shop.

Tsakani Silk is known as a pioneer in the development and promotion of silk products in South Africa. They use an interesting variety of both wild and cultivated silk to make their exquisite, one of a kind products. Today the company is not involved in silk farming, concentrating rather on the creation of fine quality products. Being at the forefront of silk items, they were also the first company to introduce silk filled duvets in South Africa.

A little information about silk

The cultivation of silk was first done by the Chinese about 2000 years ago and the best known cultivated silk is Mulberry Silk. Today, Mulberry Silk is cultivated the world over and remains the most popular. The is either white or yellow and soft to the touch.

The wild silk is derived from the Gonometa Postica moth which is found in the Kalahari Desert. Here the cocoons are harvested, degummed and processed either in South Africa, Namibia or Botswana. This silk slightly textured and it has a fawn colour.

Taskani Silk Products

Tsakani Silk has a range of products. Here you can purchase the ultimate duvet. They have different seasonal duvet inners, as well as the duvet covers, summer silk quilts, silk pillows and pillowcases, flat and fitted sheets. The silk in the duvets is stitched in a way that it will not bunch or move. These products are guaranteed to not be eaten by insects or dust mites and are completely allergy-free. The right way to treat the duvets is to sun them a few times a year and if absolutely necessary, professional dry cleaning is the best way to clean it. It is not recommended to wash a silk duvet inner.

Silk looks and feels luxurious, which makes it perfect for clothing. It is very comfortable to wear and drapes beautifully. Tsakani Silk has a range of either hand dyed or hand painted scarves and ties. In their collection, you will also find tops, tunics and slacks for women in a variety of colours all in an elegant style.  And for the men, they have a range of silk shirts.

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Tsakani silk also has a collection of silk earrings and necklaces. These range from silk tassel earrings and necklaces to beautifully crafted silk rose necklaces. In their range is also bead and silk accessories.   Tsakani silk also has a variety of natural fragrances not only for you but also for your home. There is a natural insect repellent that is made from wild verbena and a beautifully fragrant rosemary room spray. You have a choice of rose, lemongrass, rosewood or lavender perfume balls for your cupboards or drawers.  In their collection, you will find cedar or ylang ylang fragranced shaving soap or beard oil. For the ladies they have natural perfumes made from essential oils. Their natural soaps and potpourri have all been beautifully packaged making it the ideal gift.