The legendary Long Tom Pass is a stretch of road which extends from Lydenburg to Sabie, up high over a mountain. It is one of the highest mountain passes in the area and throughout the year, it is covered in mist. All along the route, there are a wide variety of things to see and do.

And when staying at our accommodation in White River, a day trip to Long Tom Pass is a must.

Long Tom Toboggan

Once on the magnificent Long Tom Pass, one of the must-do activities is a trip down the mountain on the Long Tom Toboggan. The view of the mountainside will be simply wonderful from your car but it is guaranteed to be even more amazing from the speeding seat of a toboggan. At a staggering 1.7 km, the Long Tom Toboggan is the longest toboggan on the African continent. To put that into perspective, it’s as long as 17 rugby fields!! The toboggan is set up in one of the most beautiful parts of Mpumalanga and the course will take you on a ride through breath-taking forests and show off the stunning mountains. As you twist and turn at speeds of up to 45 km an hour, the picture-perfect countryside will slip past you.  It’s the perfect way to soak up the warm sunshine of the area.

Opened in 2016 and based on the alpine coaster in Europe, the Long Tom Toboggan is made up of a steel monorail and a little car. The Long Tom Toboggan track runs through a Natural Heritage Site in the Lowveld and because it is constructed above ground, there is no damage to the environment.

Hops Hollow Brewery

The Long Tom Pass has some of the most scenic views so it makes sense to stop and take in the views at the Hops Hollow Brewery. Here you can relax while you sample some of the areas best craft beer on offer. This is a micro-brewery that produced its first craft beer in 2001, but since then it has been developing and crafting outstanding beers.

Passion, science and technology come together to create a perfectly blended hoppy beverage. These unique beers are handcrafted meaning no two batches are exactly the same. It makes no difference whether you are a beer connoisseur or a casual beer drinker, a stop at Hops Hollow Brewery for a tasting is a definite must.

No unnatural additives or preservatives are added to the malt beers and they are not pasteurised. Only the purest water from the surrounding mountain springs is used.

The current Hops Hollow Brewery Beers on offer:

  • Diggers Draught

This draught has a distinct floral undertone, and a light body and colour which makes it a pleasure to drink. Diggers Draught is the perfect balance between bitterness and fruitiness.  This beer is very refreshing.

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  • Blacksmith’s Brew

Aromatic with coriander and ginger, this traditional Belgium white ale is light and tart. The fresh crispness of this thirst-quencher has a lively kick.

  • Mac’s Porter

Coffee and cream come to mind when first tasting this brew. This robust beer is full of character. Once the richness of the first sip has receded you are left with a light hops taste. This dark brew is truly delightful.

  • Old Bull Bitter

This is a Traditional English Pub Style Beer. The clean malt flavours are perfectly balanced with a spicy hop with fruity overtones. This beer has a low alcohol content.

  • Tapper’s Brew

After a long day, this brew is unbeatably refreshing. Light of body, it’s a lager with a Saaz hop aroma and bitterness.