The Exciting and Adventure filled Route

If you have planned on having a nice warm day and having fun but the weather decided to rain on your parade, you can take this opportunity to drive along the slithering road called the Reptile Route. The Reptile Route is weather friendly which means it is perfect for both rainy and sunny days. Slithering through the lowveld with mind blowing and beautiful scenery with plenty of places to stop off and admire the sights. Some of the attractions that can be found on the route include Chimpanzee Eden, the Dinosaur Park and Perry’s Bridge Reptile Park.

For those who love to explore the underground and have a knack for the extreme and adventure, the Sudwala Caves is the go-to place. With beautiful scenery both on the way to the caves and around the caves, the adventure of traveling to the caves is a memorable experience on its own. The Landscape of the trail when looking behind you is ever changing and beautiful to look at. When emerging from the caves after exploration, the views of the environment is breath taking and really leaves a lasting impression on everyone.

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For the people who prefer the more cultural aspect of an adventure, the Reptile Route includes the Tribal Village, Shangaan Cultural Village and the Swazi Cultural Village. These villages will share all their local cultures to anybody who visits them. All of the artifacts and colours along with the history that can be found in these villages will inspire anybody and is surely amazing. The landscape around the villages run hand in hand with the beautiful colours and cultures to leave a truly remarkable memory. You can try your luck at the Emnotweni Casino at Riverside Mall or you can visit the Casterbridge Shopping Centre to experience an earthlier and laid-back feeling.

For those who love the peaceful and relaxing feeling of being out in the nature, you can visit the  Cascade Waterfall  in the Botanical Gardens located in Nelspruit. Filled with beautiful and breath taking views, gorgeous scenery and an unforgettable experience, people will never forget their visit to the Gardens. If you are more of an architectural fan, you can definitely travel through Hazyview, Whiteriver and Nelspruit, examining and admiring the beautiful architecture that is hidden throughout the cities.

When finding yourself in or around Whiteriver and Nelspruit for a weekend, why not drive the Reptile Route and experience all he wonders of the Lowveld.