Are you tired of the same old things to do in your spare time like going to the movies or walking in the mall? Its time to go outside and get some real outdoor adventure. There is no place better to satiate your adventurous appetite like Induna Adventures! So get ready for an adventure like no other, with a variety of activities that will make you go Woah!

Paintball is the perfect group activity that is both exhilarating and action packed. Take part in Paintball Wars at Induna’s Gaza Strip. The Strip is a complete paintball course fitted with plenty of trenches, ruins, a river and barbed wire fences. There is also plenty of bushes and trees that can be used for cover. There is also an elevated viewing area that overlooks the whole course, giving people a nice view of the match. The viewing area is semi camped off to keep everyone inside safe from the craziness of the ensuing match, spectators are also protected by a thick, see through net, to prevent any injuries from stray balls. This is definitely an activity that must be done in large groups to increase the competitive edge.

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Kwad Biking is a more adventurous activity for those that enjoy the rush of the outdoors and feeling the fresh wind of the wild in their faces. Induna has the one of the biggest and best Quad Biking trails in South Africa. Induna takes pride in his fact, with very qualified and professional guides and only the best Suzuki Kwads available, you will definitely feel safe and enjoy the wonders of the outdoors. The guides will take you through a beautiful hand cut route between indigenous blue gums all the way to a spectacularly beautiful view of a waterfall from various views.

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Very few things can come close in giving you an adrenaline rush like white water rafting. It constantly requires you to stay focused as you rush through the rapids with the cool water splashing in your face. A fun and different version to White water rafting, called Geckoing, is something that Induna does well. Geckoing puts you in a tube, with a bottom, instead of in a kayak or boat down the wild waters of the Sabie River, giving you more control. There is a different kind of feeling that you get from going down wild waters that you don’t get while in a boat with someone.