God’s Window is a viewing point that follows along the spectacular Blyde River Canyon. With breath-taking canyons, stunning waterfalls, amazing rock formations and a great view of the Lowveld about 700m down below. God’s Window is only a part of many viewpoints that looks over the Blyde River Canyon. Before you can even get to this outlook, you have to take a short hike through some trees that make an amazing tunnel before hitting you in the face with the beauty of the landscape below. When standing and looking through God’s window, you are looking at the greenest canyon in the world.

On a really clear day you can look into and over the Kruger National Park and all the way to the Lebombo Mountains. The canyon, where God’s Window is located, stretches 250km with places like Lydenburg and White River providing entrances into this beautiful Panorama Route. Other notable towns in the area include Graskop, Hazyview, Hoedspruit, Sabie and Orighstand. God’s Window isn’t restricted to one single viewpoint, but has three viewing areas and a few picnic areas where people can sit and enjoy the amazing views.

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The views at God’s Window is so beautiful and so renowned that people from all over the world flock to this natural wonder. Painters from all over have been inspired by the grace and the beauty the views have to offer. If you want to experience the Window a bit better, you should escape the hustle of the crowds and take a hike up into the clouds. This steep climb takes you higher than the viewpoints and into a beautiful, misty Rain Forest. When you escape the trees, you are faced with an amazing and breath-taking view, uninterrupted by people and buildings.

God’s Window isn’t the only amazing wonder in the area. You can also visit the unusual and beautiful Bourke’s Good Luck Potholes, The start of the Blyde River Canyon. The potholes are a series of crevasses hide amazing formations in the stone that have been created by water erosion over many centuries. Mac Mac Falls is a spectacular sight of two waterfalls landing in the same pool. The canyon it falls into is wonderfully green and lush with vegetation. There are plenty of waterfalls in the area but none match the beauty of the Mac Mac Falls. With the falls a distance away from the road, you can easily hear the calming roar of the waterfall and you can experience the falls in rainy weather, clear weather or cloudy weather.

You can visit and experience all of these amzing destinations and more when you stay at Greenway Woods!