Ready to experience a taste of Africa? ATOWA is a White River restaurant catering to those staying at Greenway Woods and those living in the surrounding areas. We serve up a uniquely tasty menu true to the spirit of Africa. 

Built within a comfortable, cosy boma, the restaurant could very well represent a number of uniquely South African eateries. Restaurant guests can look forward to diving into an exclusive menu and indulging in a myriad of authentic African flavours. The menu is designed to serve up a variety of dishes unique to the continent. Many of the dishes are subject to availability and diners can enjoy a wide range of organic meats and homemade jams, breads, and other treats.

The restaurant’s concept is borrowed from a popular Nairobi based eatery, renowned for including all kinds of venison on the menu. Kenyan officials have somewhat reduced the availability of certain meats with the introduction of new laws, but South Africa has not yet bound restaurants from similar restrictions. This means that our menu includes some of the most exotic, but ethically sourced, meats allowing diners to expand their palates and experience something they would not have tried elsewhere.

But we understand that not every food connoisseur wants to eat venison, because it is such an acquired taste, our menu has been created to include other options.

Chicken wings, mouth-watering rump, pork ribs along with a range of salads, vegetables and other side options are all available. The meats are prepared in a style similar to that of an espetada, out over hot coals and open flames, with guests given the opportunity to watch the meal being prepared. The meats are then carved at the table with the rest of the meal served by well-trained, friendly wait staff. As with any great meal, a range of sauces and relishes to add a little extra flavour to the carved meat is available.

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Dessert is the only way to bring a relaxed time to an end. And ATOWA spares nothing when it comes to the sweet treats. South African desserts are rich and hearty, with many perfect for cold winter nights. Malva pudding, Sago pudding, traditional milk tarts and fresh fruit salads, are all included on the menu.

Diners can eat as much as they like when visiting our restaurant as a part of the African tradition. The atmosphere of laid back friendliness and inviting hospitality all make for an unforgettable time at ATOWA.

Come and dine at the most unique African restaurant in White River and introduce yourself to a world full of new flavours.