Greenway Woods is located conveniently close to the Kruger National Park, making a visit to the Park a very tempting and common activity when staying here. The Kruger National Park is very large with tonnes of things to see and explore and can sometimes feel intimidating to explore and many may feel like they aren’t experiencing much. Luckily Greenway Woods Resort has some tips to help make your visit to the Kruger National Park memorable, amazing and eventful:

Animal Sighting Boards

Every single camp in the Kruger National Park has a Sightings Board that is conveniently located for easy access to guests. These Animal Sighting Boards are large maps of the Kruger Park which have colour coded pins matching different animals. Here guests can see what local game rangers, tourists and personnel have seen while travelling in the park. Guests are free to add their own markers of sightings that they have experienced so others can have a good time spotting animals.

If you feel like you have no idea how or where to start your safari experience, you can plan your route according to the sightings to make your adventure packed with animals.

Be Prepared

What is meant by be prepared is make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment when leaving for the Kruger Park. Make sure that you have all your devices charged and ready so you can record your amazing time in the Park with plenty of photos and videos. Bringing a pair of binoculars is an essential safari tool. You can spot animals at a distance, get a clearer view of an animal in the bush or get a good look at birds in the sky. You would be surprised what people miss out on because they couldn’t see far or clear enough. Lastly, packing in hats, sunscreen and some form of sun-eye protection is important to keep you safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

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Join others on a Kruger Safari

There are plenty of companies in and around the Kruger National Park that take people on memorable Kruger Safaris. These companies have experienced guides that are both informative and know of great places to spot animals. Joining a Safari tour can take away all the stress of worrying where to drive next and replace it with a relaxing and stress free safari experience. You can learn some of the routes you travel and drive them yourself the next time you visit the park, making the most of your visit.

Pack a lunch and Stay hydrated

An important thing to keep in mind while on a safari in the Kruger Park is that things don’t stand still when you are not there. Pack in enough liquids and snack to last you until your next planned stop. Staying hydrated and fed is very important because a lack of liquids or food can make you tired, irritated or sick. When this happens, the whole mood can go from happy Kruger Safari to miserable drive in the heat. During the hot summer days, liquids are essential to help stay cool and can prevent you from being negatively influenced by the heat.