Nature has a wonderful and stunning way of surprizing us and showing the strength and resilience of surviving in a mechanized world. There are troops of monkeys and baboons that patrol the streets and large prides of lions that rule the Kruger to various species of antelope that can be found in the mountains and valleys of the Lowveld and surprize animals such as the buffalo, the leopard, zebra and giraffe. There are also a lot of predatory birds that travel around in the skies of the Lowveld stalking their prey and ambushing them from above

African Goshawk

The African Goshawk is one of the most common and popular raptors in South Africa. These birds have seen a decline in their population because their habitats have been on the decline as of recent. The African Goshawk prefers to live in more wooded areas instead of open plains as they find more protection in the trees. They prey on smaller prey like lizards, birds, rodents and bats. Goshawks do not travel far from their nests and instead hunt around their nests for easy access. The female is a little bit larger in size than the male is, but her feathers are not as rufous.

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African Fish Eagle

The African Fish Eagle is one of the most iconic animals in not only the lowveld but the whole of Africa. The African Fish Eagle is often heard long before it is spotted because of its iconic and famous cackle/ whistle. The African Fish Eagle has a white neck and head with a bright yellow beak. The rest of the body has brown ad black feathers and has very long and sharp talons. These amazing birds live close to water sources that provide them with plenty of food and water and often build their nests in trees close to the water. These birds mate for life and often has multiple nests they travel between.

White Headed Vulture

The White Headed Vulture is one of the oldest endemic bird species in in Africa. They have rather low population numbers because of heavy habitat limitations. These, like many other vultures,  feed on carcasses of animals left over from a hunt. They can often feed on smaller animals like mongoose, lizards, hares and also smaller birds. These birds have the iconic Bleach white head and dusty brown feathers that make them blend into their sandy environments.

Bateleur Eagle

The Bateleur eagle is a very iconic bird that can mainly be found in the Kruger National Park and with few sightings of them around the Park. The Bateleur has multi coloured feathers of red, grey, brown and black. Bateleurs prefer the drier and sandy areas with where it is hot. Bateleurs are powerful birds that can hunt antelope, lizards, snakes, carrion and rodents. These birds spend plenty of time in the air, up to 9 hours in the air. These birds have been known to hunt prey that are slightly larger than them

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