Greenway Woods is located in a wonderful and beautiful area, just outside White River. The location of Greenway makes visiting the Kruger National Park a very popular thing to do. The diversity of the animals in White River is nothing to brag about and therefore people visit the Kruger National Park to experience the amazing animals the park has to offer. Some animals that are interesting to experience are the water faring animals or animals that spend a lot of time in the water or near the water. These animals are sometimes rare as some watering holes are difficult to visit.


The Crocodile is one of the oldest animals in the world and the Nile Crocodile, that call the Kruger National Park home, is the largest species of crocodile in the world. Nile Crocodiles reach lengths of up to 5m, with rare instances of giants reaching 6m long. Crocodiles have an insanely powerful bite that means if you are trapped in their jaws, you are basically done for. Crocodiles have a very effective strategy of killing their prey. The Crocodile ambushes animals that are spending time on the water’s edge. Crocodiles will leap out and grab their prey from the edge and drag them into the water, disorientating and then drowning them.

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The Water Mongoose

The Water Mongoose is a larger and more robust member of the Mongoose family. The Mongoose gets its name from the location where it lives. Water Mongoose live in areas near rivers, lakes, dams and marshes. The mongoose feeds mostly on crustaceans like prawns and crabs, fish and frogs. Water Mongoose have no webbing between their toes but have adapted claws that allow them to dig through the mud and ground to easily catch their prey and travel around. Their toes spread out because of the lack of webbing, giving them more grip on the mud.


The hippo is a large and dangerous aquatic mammal that can weigh up to 2.5 tonnes. The Hippo can hold its breath for up to 5 minutes at a time and actually travel around on the river bed while submerged. Hippos have a very dangerous mouth and a powerful bite, enough to bite through a canoe and even crocodiles on some very rare occasions. Hippos can run quite fast and are actually dangerous on land as well. Their tusks can actually penetrate the sides of vehicles.


The Otter is an adorable semi aquatic animal that live in rivers, lakes and marshes. The Otter is a rather common and popular animal when around the rivers and lakes. The Otter is a medium sized mammal with a thick brown, waterproof coat. Their Front toes have a lack of webbing on because they are used primarily for digging. Their rear toes have webs that go half way up their toes which grants them increased mobility and speed in the water. Otters feed on crabs, prawns, insects small birds and molluscs. These animals are an absolute joy to watch play in the water.