Unusual Animal Locations in Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga is a wonderful place filled with beautiful and amazing creatures and there are a few surprising areas where you can experience and witness these animals. A majority of these wildlife spots house some of the rare and endangered species that call Mpumalanga home. An experience witnessing these animals will surely leave you in awe.

Jane Goodall Institute: Chimp Eden

The Jane Goodall: Chimp Eden is a sanctuary that was established with the goal and intent to rehabilitate and rescue abandoned and orphaned chimpanzees that have fallen victim to abuse, deforestation, habitat loss and black-market trading. Environments that these chimps find themselves are nice and large, safe and filled with objects that will help chimps to adjust and rehabilitate. Groups of chimps spend time together to expose the more solitary members to a social structure.

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Blyde River Canyon

The Blyde River Canyon is a beautiful place that is where the Blyde River Poort Dam is located. If you decide to take a drive from Swadini, you can stop off at the beautiful Tufa Waterfalls. The beautiful landscape is also littered with unique and amazing animals that you can see while on your way to the waterfalls and when you are there. Some of the interesting animals you can see include the rare Samango Monkey as well as the Crowned eagle, African fish eagle and White backed heron.

White River Game Reserve

The White River Game Reserve is a lovely 21-hectare animal haven where you can experience and see the Marsh Mongoose, Spotted Genet and Porcupines. All of these animals live in peaceful harmony. The Game Reserve is located in a convenient area right next to town, which allows easy access form many to experience the animals that the reserve houses.

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A very beautiful location found close to Sappi and on your way to Nelspruit, Kaapschehoop is known for the beautiful rocky environment, wild horses and the stunning views. Some of the beautiful animals that can be found in the area are the wild horses, Gurney’s Sugarbird and Malachite Sunbird. Something unfortunate about the area is the Blue Swallow, which was known for nesting in the area, is no longer found there due to the rarity of the bird. There is a Sanctuary located close to Kaapschehoop that acts as a reserve to protect the species. Many bird watchers have recorded seeing a variety of different, unique species in the area, which makes Kaapschehoop a go to for bird watchers.