After spending time in lock down, being stuck indoors and unable to experience and learn new things, a great idea may be to go on a fun culture tour, travelling to a variety of different museums, cultural sites and historical sites to give your mind a cultural jumpstart, experiencing beautiful sights, intriguing artifacts and memorable events. Mpumalanga is one of the most cultural dense places in South Africa. Let us explore some of these cultural sites and give our brains a post lockdown culture refresher.

Barberton Museum

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Barberton is world known for its impact in the geological world. Barberton is built in a crater of a meteor landing site. Barberton has been visited by plenty of geologists worldwide as they have discovered many important historical findings, a discovery of old cultural drawings and some insights into the age of the earth. There are museums that share information about the mining industry and the Swazi History.

White River History and Motor Museum

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Cars and vehicles are so interesting and have become such an integral part of everyday life. There are so many cars in the world from powerful super bakkies and super-fast sports cars to normal hatchbacks and sedans. The History of cars is so fascinating and full of interesting history and the White River History and Motor Museum has so many interesting sights, facts and cars to get you interested and intrigued into the motor vehicle history.

Pilgrim’s Rest

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Pilgrims Rest is a little town in Mpumalanga that acts as a time machine that takes you back into the 1800’s. Pilgrim’s Rest is a little mining town that has never been touched since the 1800’s. The town is small enough so you can do a whole tour on foot, allowing you to visit the unique and beautiful buildings like the hand full of shops, the restaurant and the pubs. There is a museum that has a great look into the Gold Mining industry of South Africa.

Pilgrim’s Rest

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After gold was discovered in Barberton, the town became a vibrant prospecting town filled with great and interesting characters like the very famous barmaid and Prostitute Cockney Liz. The Heritage walk starts at the museum and meanders you through the town while passing popular and iconic landmarks, giving other you a wonderful insight into the town’s truly fascinating and informative history.

Jock’s Memorial

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Jock of the Bushveld is one of the Lowveld’s greatest legends. The memorial of Jock is located about 18km outside Sabie. Jock’s Memorial is a medallion that is placed in a small plinth and is a very elaborate dedication to a loyal and brave dog. There is also a beautiful bronze statue of Jock facing down a Kudu that is located in the Jock  Safari Lodge, near the Pretoriuskop Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park. Jock was such an influential part of the Lowveld’s History that there are plenty of restaurants, hotels and lodges that have adopted the name of Jock to pay homage to the Lowveld legend.