The Lowveld is a truly beautiful place. The landscape is breath taking with a large variety of canyons, gorges, waterfalls, cliffs, forests and caves. All these beautiful natural stops provide plenty of reason for guests to visit the lowveld and spend time exploring all it has to offer. What many don’t know is that the lowveld also has amazing bird watching opportunities and plenty of beautiful bird species that can make any adventure through the lowveld so much more memorable.

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African Green Pigeon

When you think pigeon you might just think that you see a million of them each day and that there is nothing special about them. You might change your mind when visiting the lowveld and you encounter a green pigeon. Green Pigeons are often found in small groups near fruit trees like fig trees. They are similar in build to the normal pigeon and just the colour is different. The Green Pigeon has a dusty green colour with bright orange feet and beak. It has Light blue eyes and a blue hue on its neck. This is definitely a unique bird to encounter when travelling in the Lowveld.

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Brown Headed Parrot

It is not often that you encounter parrots in the wild in the lowveld, but the Brown headed Parrot is a beautiful bird you would love to see when birdwatching. This little green Parrot has a bright green coat with a dark dusty brown head. The wings are a similar colour to the head, albeit a darker colour. Its beak, and legs and eyes are all a deep black in colour. These birds are very common in coastal areas and can be encountered, though it be less often, in the lowveld in forest areas.

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African Pied Wagtail

The Pied Wagtail is a very common bird in the lowveld and very well known. The reason for its name is it tilts its tail up and down while standing still and walking around. The Pied Wagtail has a white underside, chin, with white stripes above its eyes. The rest of its body , including its legs, eyes and beak are all black. These birds are commonly found in and around areas close to rivers and marshes.

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African Paradise Flycatcher

Africa is the home to 7 Paradise Flycatchers. Paradise Flycatchers are song birds that produce a beautiful tune and song. These birds are often very colourful, with different species differing in colour, and all have one thing in common, they have an incredibly long tail. There have been records of Flycatchers having tail feathers that reach 18cm in length. These birds are widely spread across the country and are often seen in densely forested areas .

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Golden Tailed Woodpecker

Woodpeckers are sometimes as beautiful as they are loud. The Golden Tailed Woodpecker is definitely part of this statement. The Golden Tailed Woodpecker has a stunning gold-brown colour, dusty white underside covered in dark dots and an iconic red streak on its head. These birds are commonly found in forests and woodlands south of the Equator and is commonly seen close to their nesting sites.

Greenway Woods Resort is located outside White River, out in the open and away from any disturbances that could keep all these amazing bird species away. You can enjoy comfort and luxury at one of Greenway Woods Resort’s many rooms while keeping an eye out for the stunning bird species in the area.