One of the most relaxing and rewarding activities and hobbies you can have is gardening. The fresh air, the sunlight and the beauty of nature can simply melt all of your stress, worries and fear and for that time you spend with your garden, you are truly relaxed. There are so many different types of Herb gardens that you can definitely find what suits you.

One of the more popular herb gardens are the Kitchen Herb Gardens. For some people, cooking is a passion and they always want the freshest ingredients at hand and ready to be used. Fresh garden herbs can provide great taste to your foods and starting a Kitchen Herb garden is simple, relaxing and can be a very beautiful decoration. There are so many Kitchen herbs you can plant and grow, from parsley, mint, dill and basil, to rosemary, coriander, thyme and sage.

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Herb gardens do not only provide delicious ingredients for your meals, but Herb gardens can contain herbs that can have plenty of medical benefits. Herbs like Pot Marigold, Motherwort, Passionflower and Echinacea. These plants are all used to treat wounds while plants like Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender and Chives are some of the mainstays of an Apothecary Herb Garden because of the healing properties they contain. A Medical Herb garden can be a truly beautiful sight and can be very satisfying to start and maintain.

Medieval Herb gardens were stunning closed off gardens that were maintained by medieval ladies to provide herbs for medicine and for cooking. These gardens were generally done in the gardens of the large stone European houses. Today, the Medieval Herb gardens are more used for a decoration than a practical use of herbs. Many of the larger, older houses are perfect for Medieval Herbal Gardens. These gardens are usually well balanced between medicinal and kitchen herbs.

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Flowers are a true beauty in nature and the beautiful colours can decorate any environment. Many flowers have a great and stunning fragrance that can fill a large area. Many flowers have oils that can be used for a large variety of uses from food to essential oils and salves. Herbs like the Lavender Flower has oils that can be used in aroma therapy as it can be used to calm down a person. Fragrant Herb Gardens not only provide a beautiful and stunning decorations for your house and garden, the stunning smells can be very therapeutic and can be used as a natural treatment.

Colonial herb gardens are a beautiful and stunning  gardens that were used in the colonial times where herbs like, thyme, lavender, rosemary and chamomile were planted along with other vegetables and food crops like potatoes, onions, leeks, beans and kale. These herb gardens were sometimes planted in wicker baskets to allow for more mobility when they needed to travel from place to place, so their crops are not in danger. These Colonial gardens are very unique and beautiful and are very easy to manage.

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