The Tourism industry is being hit hard in the last couple of weeks as the Corona virus forces countries to ban all public flights, cruises and other forms of international as well as national transport. The lack of transport service means that local tourist attractions won’t be able to make a profit and do business. A popular Tourist activity that many tourists do every year is a safari. Luckily for those who miss experiencing the wonders of going on a safari and seeing the untamed wild, there is a suitable solution thanks to technology.

Many companies around the world have taken initiative to make safaris a digital experience in these times of crisis. Many companies, businesses, collages, schools and churches have taken this approach giving people the opportunity to still interact and do what they love. A webcam tour is a predetermined safari hosted by a qualified guide. The guide will go on a normal safari drive and will live stream the whole experience. The cameras will pan to the sides of the vehicle allowing guests to take part in safaris, looking at the animals and just experience the wild through a digital window.

People who tune in to the live stream can communicate to the guide, asking him questions as if you yourself were there on the vehicle with him. The Guide will drive well-known safari routes that have the best chance of great animal sightings. Unlike Normal Safaris, where you are actually there, there will not be a cut in transmission so everyone can have lunch and stretch their legs which means you get an uninterrupted safari experience with your guide. There are plenty of places online where you can join in on a digital safari, ll you have to do is just search for a live stream safari and click on a link you like. YouTube is a very popular platform to visit if you want to take part in a live stream Safari.


You can live stream these amazing safaris from any device you have at home. You can stream a safari from your TV while you are lying in bed, Stream it from your tablet or cell phone and even from the couch. During these Lockdown times with everyone social distancing, you and your family can enjoy a safari from the safety of your own home. There are plenty of different safaris you can take part in from the ever popular Kruger National Park Safaris to Cape Town ocean safaris. There will be a safari that will suit your adventurous thirst for nature and help cheer you up during all the negativities of the virus and lockdown.

In this difficult time it is wonderful to see that there are people that are so dedicated to what they love that go out of their way to provide a service to those who cannot use or take part in it. Online services now have a new meaning as [people continue to innovate and make the lives of people just that little bit easier.

Virtual Safaris are a unique experience that can be enjoyed anywhere and where better to enjoy these amazing virtual safaris than at the wonderful accommodation options at Greenway Woods Resort?