Can you even believe that the year 2020 is at an end? For most part, it has felt as though this year of ups and downs would just never come to halt. It has had so many twists and turns and for companies that have been planning conferences, a lot of compromises and changes have had to be made.

We are full of hope for 2021 and one of the things we hope to see, is the return of business conferences. While get together’s have not been completely banned, many companies have decided to not have business conferences this year, not just because of the pandemic and the accompanying restrictions, but also because money has been tight for most. While we don’t know what the new year holds, we can only hope that there is not a complete new normal which out rules business conferences forever.

Holding your business conference at a venue has plenty of benefits that you can enjoy and to help you make your decision and perhaps to even encourage you to book your 2021 conference now, these are a few benefits that you can enjoy.

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  1. Limited Organisation

When you choose to use a conference centre, you can let the organiser know what you need and what you expect and then you can sit back and wait for the day. By using a conference centre, you can completely limit the amount of organising you will need to do and this not only takes the pressure off of you, but it can also, in the long run, save money.

  1. Better Discussion

By booking a conference centre, you can improve the dialogues and enhance the discussions that are being held, because you will minimise the amount of distractions that you will otherwise have when you are hosting a conference, say, in your office boardroom. At a conference centre, the focus of the entire event can be on what you and your fellow delegates are there to discuss.

  1. Accommodation

Most conference venues are hosted at a place where there is also accommodation. This minimises travel and can ensure that the discussions continue long after the conference has taken place. Delegates can also have a power nap in between discussions, which can be really beneficial for the overall success of the conference.

  1. Networking

At a conference, it is not usually just the one department or just one company that will arrive. Generally, such events include many different delegates from all sorts of backgrounds. When they all meet in one place, delegates will have the opportunity to network amongst one another and they will be able to learn new things.

  1. Custom packages

Not all conferences have the same needs. When you are booking a conference to be hosted at a venue, depending on where you are having your conference, you could end up with the option of having a customised package.

Greenway Woods hosts conference events of all kinds and you can book your 2021 conference today, by contacting us to discuss your needs and your plans.