Frequently Asked Questions about White River

White River is the quaint village town outside of which you will find the sprawling green grounds and trees of Greenway Woods. It is not a place that everyone knows about, although in recent years, the popularity of the town, encouraged by the quiet surroundings and the peaceful people has attracted not only visitors but new residents.

For those who are travelling to White River for the first time, finding important information about your destination is likely to be rather hard to come by. To help you with your planning and to ensure that you have everything that you could possibly need in order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, we’ve sourced the most commonly asked questions so that you can be prepared for your visit.

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  1. Do I need to take malaria medication?

White River is situated just outside of the Mpumalanga malaria area. Being at the altitude at which White River is, the town lies just outside of the malaria zone. But if you are using White River as a stopover, or if you are staying in the town but taking day trips into the Kruger National Park, you should take something to prevent infection if you are concerned.

  1. Does the town have clean air?

Travelling down from the cities might lead you to believe that the whole of the country is covered with a dense layer of smog. But that is not true and White River has some of the clearest air you’ll find. So you don’t need a mask or anything else to protect your nose and airways from pollution while you are here.

  1. Are credit cards generally accepted?

Absolutely! We’re not some kind of backward town, we have all of the basic facilities that you are used to and which will make life convenient for you while you are visiting us. We also have plenty of ATM’s, and our shops also accept debit cards. So don’t worry about being stranded without cash.

  1. When is the rainy season?

We get rain between September and May, with December and January being the wettest. And we don’t do light rain much. Our rainfall comes down in buckets during the summer months and is often the result of a tremendous thunderstorm. During this time of the year, the hills and everything in town is absolutely emerald green and glowing. The rainy season is a beautiful time to visit.

  1. What are the temperatures like?

Unlike its neighbour Nelspruit, White River has really lovely cool weather throughout the year. In winter our town can get quite cold and there are some summer days when the heat can feel oppressive, but in the evenings, when the sun goes down, a cool breezes blows over the town, cooling things off. If you are travelling here in winter pack your warm clothes and if you arrive in summer, you should also bring along something warm, just for the evenings.

We are close to the Kruger National Park and we have become the perfect place to stay when you are coming here for a laid back holiday.

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