It feels like December has taken forever to get here, but at the same time, it feels as though it has arrived a little too quickly. Either way, this time of the year is special for a whole lot of reasons, the most obvious reason being that it is holiday time!

For those lucky people getting away for a couple of weeks in December, the Lowveld is one of the best places to escape to. The area is glowing in green at this time of the year, and there is a distinct laziness in the air, which makes the holiday feeling that little bit more intense. If the Lowveld is the destination that you are planning to have your holiday in this year, and if you are looking for a couple of things to keep you busy while you are here, then this is just the blog for you.

Before we jump into the many things that you can do here, you need to know where you can stay. At Greenway Woods, we are the perfect place to stay in White River. And we are close to a wide variety of great attractions that you can visit while you are staying with us. Some of the attractions are ideal for those who want to get their hearts pumping, while others are better for those who just want to put their feet up in a beautiful location. Besides our lodge being close to plenty of things to do, it is also a comfortable place to spend your downtime.

accommodation near white river

Things to do this December

  1. Kruger day trip

The Kruger National Park is just a half an hour or so away from Greenway, and if you are spending a week or two here, you can quite easily make some time available to spend a day or two in the park, exploring the sights while staying on the lookout for all sorts of wildlife. Since you will be entering the Southern Kruger, you will be in a part of the park well known for its abundant wildlife.

  1. Head to Casterbridge

While you are not likely to be spending a whole day here, because there is not likely to be enough to do here to keep you busy all day, it is still worth it to make some time available for a meal here. Casterbridge is quite literally a few minutes away from Greenway Woods, and it is a truly beautiful area, often used by photographers looking for that perfect backdrop.

  1. Take a hike

Also a few minutes away from Greenway Woods is Klipkop Dam. In the summer months, the dam is always busy, even more so on the weekends, when locals head to the dam to do a little fishing or to play with their speed boats. But the area around the dam is often overlooked, even though it is surrounded by beautiful forests, which makes it a great place to hike.