At Greenway Woods, our accommodation in White River is simply perfect for visiting families of all kinds, even those with small children. Not only are our rooms kitted out with every comfort you’d expect but there is also plenty to do in the surrounding areas to keep you and your family occupied during your holiday.

Sakkies Farm is one of the most exciting places to spend your day when you are travelling with your family to the Lowveld. Situated just around the corner from Greenway, on the outskirts of Casterbridge, the farm has a number of fun things to do, and it is best known for having a petting farm filled with all kinds of farm animals. Although the name says farm, it’s not what you’d imagine.

Modern children don’t have the opportunity to interact with those animals found on farms but one visit to Sakkies bridges that gap and gives children the time to learn more about these interesting creatures. Geese, goats, horses, pigs, and rabbits, are some of the animals kept at the farm. Sakkies has become a popular place to host birthday parties and other celebrations.

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Along with having a petting farm, there are also a variety of activities to enjoy.

  • Archery

A great way to test your strength, and your aim, archery at Sakkies Farm is ideal for the whole family and it is designed to teach children the basics of the sport. Those interested can spend an hour drawing the bow and arrow.

  • Rock Climbing

Safe for children but still more than able to provide some heart pumping adrenaline, participants can choose from the 3 meter climb and the 5 meter climb. Adults can also test their strength and endurance here.

  • Skywalk

A tremendously fun activity that takes adventurers on a 16 obstacle skywalk with a guide, this activity is completely safe and has been created to help conquer fears. It takes around an hour to complete and it ends with a 60 meter zip line back to earth!

There is also a putt putt course, pony rides, a jumping castle and a swimming pool (with slides), to enjoy here. Basically, it is the perfect place to enjoy a day out when visiting our small town.

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