Greenway Woods, a comfortable lodge in White River, is the ideal place to stay when you are on a trip to the Lowveld. Along with all of the interesting things you can do in White River, the Kruger National Park is just a short drive away. While on holiday, planning to spend some time exploring the Southern Kruger and all of the exciting things that it has to offer, is one opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.

Whether you opt to spend a morning driving around the park, or rather choose to enjoy full day in the park, any time spent in the Kruger National Park is guaranteed to be an utterly memorable experience. While visiting the park is enough of an experience, if you want to take your journey to the next level, you should check out these 5 things that you can get up to while here.

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  • The Red Rocks

A picturesque layer of red rocks can be seen close to the Shingwedzi River. These rocks have been slowly exposed by the river, and they stand out even more due to the surrounding greenery. Getting to this part of the park with a normal city vehicle can, however, be a bit difficult.

  • River or Bush Walks

When visiting the Kruger National Park, a game drive is the norm. But this is not the only way that you can see the park. A bush walk or a walk along the banks of a river are two popular options that will have guests getting up close to the wildlife. These walks are guided by an armed ranger, and while they help you spot any animals in the bush, they can also teach you all about tracking spoors and learning more about the animals and their habitat. For many guests, this is the most memorable way to see the park.

  • Journey to the Hippo Pool

The Crocodile River forms the Southern Boundary of the Kruger National Park. Within the swirling waters of the river, there is a small pool in which numerous hippos have made their homes. Along with hippos being spotted here, crocodiles, although rare, can also be occasionally seen. When you arrive at the pool, guests are able to exit their vehicles although they do so at their own risk.

  • Rocky Kruger Tablets

An interesting attraction and one that has become the best place to see lions, the Kruger Tablets consist of a number of flat rocks and rocky outcrops. This place has been named after the park’s founder, Paul Kruger, and it is a great place to get some fantastic photographs.

  • Albasini Ruins

The Albasini Ruins are a place of historical importance in the park. The ruins date back to the 19th century when there was a structure here, used as a trading post by the Portuguese Colonists and the Ba-Phalaborwa people. Only a few crumbling walls remain.

Book your stay at Greenway Woods and enjoy a journey into the Kruger National Park for a morning or a full day drive.