Yes, we know it is only November, but the earlier your start your December holiday planning and the sooner you decide that your holidays are going to be free from the usual holiday stress, the better state of mind you will be in to ensure that you enjoy the relaxation you deserve.

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner.

No, not Christmas. The annual break from work!

After yet another year of uncertainty, and more than the usual issues and worries, if this is the time of year that you are planning your big getaway, it is so important that you do whatever you can to make the most of your time away.

One of the best places to head to for a proper holiday getaway is the Lowveld. Down here, life is slow and steady and now that the summer has arrived, it is also hot, muggy and the perfect place to spend a lazy day by the pool. At Greenway Woods, our accommodation in White River is the ideal place to unwind. We offer our guests the most comfortable accommodation in the area, and we have plenty of onsite amenities, like a beautiful big swimming pool, for you to enjoy. A stay with us will certainly revive the senses and have you ready to enter the New Year with new energy.

white river accommodation b&b

But that new energy can only come from making sure that you have fully relaxed during your time away, and with these helpful tips, you will be well on your way to complete relaxation.

Tip Number 1 – Don’t Create an Itinerary

There is often so much pressure to have the perfect holiday. Itineraries are vigorously created and the day ends up jam packed with things to do and places to see. While this can be an exciting holiday for some, for others, such pressure can be crushing, especially if you end up not meeting the goal of ticking off all the items on your list. A more relaxing alternative will be to simply put such a list aside and just have an idea of what you’d like to see. Then if the mood takes you, you can fit that into your day.

Tip Number 2 – Read a Book

Okay, we know reading is not for everyone, but for those who do love to read, the year often doesn’t give you much time to indulge in this type of past time. If you are a keen reader, you should bring along a book and just make time in the day to put your feet up and allow your mind to escape into the imagination.

Tip Number 3 – Plan Accommodation

Making the time to plan your accommodation beforehand is a great way to avoid that last minute holiday stress that always accompanies planning that has been left too late. Booking accommodation early also means avoiding the possibility of there being no place at your preferred accommodation. The same kind of planning mind set can also be used when booking any kind of activity related to your holiday.