Nature is a truly wonderful thing and there are plenty of beautiful things to experience from breath taking views of canyons and mountains to the beauty of the clouds in the sky to all the colourful and flowers and amazing animals. Nature always has a way to surprize and astound you like the beauty of flowers and Mpumalanga is home to plenty of beautiful flowers that decorates the landscape. Let’s discuss some of the most beautiful plants that can be found in Mpumalanga.

Flame Lily

The Flame Lily is a truly beautiful and unique flower that is a climbing herb with glossy leaves that curl at the tip. The Flame Lily supports its growth by curling around fences and hedges. The Flame lily has beautiful red and yellow, flame like leaves. The flower has orange protrusions that carry the pollen and transfer the pollen. Flame Lilies grow in dry areas and sprawls over rocks and bushes in the savannah and thickets. It grows in the Northern and Eastern areas of Africa. The Flame Lily is the National Flower of Zimbabwe and a Flame Lily diamond pendant was actually gifted to Queen Elizabeth.

Wild Hibiscus

The Hibiscus is a very common and popular flower that can be found all throughout Mpumalanga. The Wild Hibiscus is one of the many yellow, five petal plants in the Hibiscus family. The wild hibiscus grows in slender tree like bushes with the leaves covered in star striped hairs. The Flower of the Wild Hibiscus is a yellow and pink flower, with the outer edges in a pale yellow and the centre a bright pink centre.

Water Hyacinth

The Water Hyacinth is a rather beautiful aquatic plant with very fleshy green leaves and also a swollen petiole. The Water Hyacinth is an invasive alien plant species from South America. The Water Hyacinth grows over water and often smothers the surface of the water. Thy Water Hyacinth has a beautiful light purple colour with a yellow spot on the petals. The Water Hyacinth Is one of the most damaging invasive plant species in South Africa, introduced into South Africa in the 1900’s, the Water Hyacinth is known for suffocating waterways of nutrients and the life forms that live in those waterways. This plant is very difficult to get rid of as many attempts have come up with little reward.

River Crinum

The River Crinum is a stunning white flower that grows from a robust dark green stem that spreads out from the top. The flowers are bell shaped and droop down like a fountain. The leaves are strap like in appearance and have wavy margins. When budding, the buds are a beautiful pink before turning snowy white or pale pink. The River Crinum is a rather common plant that grows all throughout South Africa in a wide range of habitats. The Crinum is actually used in the medical trade but special care must be taken when preparing this plant as they may be toxic.

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