One of the most important things to make someone’s stay memorable is the location and what that location contains. Whiteriver has a great selection of bird species that can peek bird watchers as well as normal visitors’ interests. Here are some of the unique and beautiful birds that can be found in White River:

Grey Lourie

The Grey Lourie, also known as the Kwêvoël or Go-Away Bird, is a common bird that can be found in the southern Afrotropics. These birds are relatively large birds with a silvery colour and a blonde coloured fan on its head. It is made iconic by its infamous” Kwêh” sound. T Both the male and female look similar and do not differ (much) in terms of colour.

Fish Eagle

Surely the most iconic South African Bird, The African Fish Eagle is popular to all who live in its area. These majestic large raptors are well known and iconic for their loud echoing call. These birds can be seen flying in giant circles, around where their nests are located, looking for prey. Fish eagles make their nests near water sources that provide them with food. Covered in black and brown feathers and with their necks covered in white feathers, these Birds are easily recognisable.

King Fisher

King Fishers are known to be some of the most colourful birds in South Africa, with colours ranging from dull brown colours to very bright blues and pinks. There are two different “types” of King Fisher: the Fishing King Fishers, who primarily feed on fish, and the Non-Fishing King Fishers, who feed on small insects, arachnids, lizards and other small creatures. King Fishers are usually found in areas where water is plentiful and can be seen near rivers.

Golden Tailed Woodpecker

The Golden Tailed Woodpecker is an oddly coloured bird, with brown-green coloured feathers making up the back of its body, silver and brown feathers making up the rest of the body with read feathers on the head and on the cheeks. These birds have a unique “Weeea” sound that is also followed by a soft drumming sound.

Purple Crested Turaco

The Purple Crested Turaco is a unique and colourful bird prefers living in more wooded areas. Its body mostly consists of purple-blue feathers with green and red feathers on its chest and neck. The Turaco has a beautiful purple and green colouration on its head, with feathers forming a crest.