These days, accommodation focused bookings websites have become the norm when searching for accommodation on the internet. Rather than being greeted with the website of the lodge or the guesthouse in the area in which you are looking to stay, you end up with an array of websites designed to allow you to book your accommodation through an alternative source.

So, it is likely that you found Greenway Woods through a booking website when you searched the term “accommodation in White River” or “White River accommodation”.  There are upsides and a few disadvantages when it comes to booking your accommodation using one of these bookings websites and because they tend to dominate the web these days, having some knowledge about this sort of thing is essential.

At Greenway Woods, our accommodation in White River is the best you will find. We offer superb rooms with comfortable beds and everything else you could need to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. We are situated just outside of the vibrant village of White River and we want to make sure that we can help you find the best possible place to stay when you are travelling to our corner of the world.

Accommodation in Whiteriver

This article is a bit of a general one, seeing as the various accommodation booking websites are generally all structured in a different way. But if you do intend to use this sort of website, this is what you should keep in mind.

  1. Cancellations and Refunds

For most travellers, having a budget is essential. You already need to know how much you are willing and able to spend and how much space you have to be creative with your budget. So when it comes to using a bookings website, it is important to know what the site’s cancellation policy is and what stance they have on giving refunds.

  1. Reward Systems

Regular travellers, including those who are often travelling on business, should look for a booking site that offers rewards so that they can accumulate points for their bookings.

  1. Beware Hidden Charges

The thing about most bookings websites is that they can be a little sneaky with their additional charges. Hidden charges are a real problem and they are often disguised as admin fees or processing fees, which you wouldn’t otherwise have to pay if you were to book directly with the lodge.

  1. Guest Reviews

One of the good things about using a bookings website is that you will often have the opportunity to look at reviews left by previous guests. These types of reviews will be genuine and authentic which will give you a real inside look at what a stay at the lodge will be like.

  1. Timing is Essential

When booking through a bookings site, the time of year can have an influence on the amount of money you pay out for your accommodation. Booking accommodation in season can cost you more than if you book out of season and this perhaps couldn’t be the case if you had booked via the lodge website.